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Model 619, LED Tube Light 36″

Model 619, LED Tube Light 36″

SKU: 619-A32957Categories: Interior Lighting, LED Passenger Lights

Matrix Railway LED Tube  Light series is  designed for the rail industry, featuring a T10 Lens and aluminum constructed tube with T8 end caps, which provide maximum light distribution not achievable with a T8 Lens.


Product Details

This series is perfect for retrofit and other versatile applications. The LED Board is designed to provide wide range of lumen output, 500 to 1000 lumen/ft. The LED Lights emit clean bright white light diffused through white polycarbonate lens. Internal LED driver operates without ballast, providing regulation and protection of the LED  lights, guaranteeing the long operating life.

Electrical Specifications

Nominal Input Voltage 37.5 VDC
Nominal Input Voltage Range 22 ‐ 42 VDC
No. of Independent Channels 4 LED Channels
Power 13 Watts
Input Protection Reverse Voltage Protection
High / Low Voltage Protection
Spike and Transient Protection
Warranty 5 Years

Photometric Specifications

Corrected Color Temperature 4,000 K
CRI > 80 Ra
Luminous Intensity 1950 Lm
Luminous Efficacy 150 Lm/W
Number of LED 80 LEDs
Viewing Angle 120 Deg

Mechanical Specifications

Size 36″
Connections T8 Double Pin
Mount Socket

EMI/EMC Compliance Standards

EMI/EMC 61k Series
Electrostatic Discharge IEC 61000‐4‐2
Radio Frequencies‐Enclosure IEC 61000‐4‐3
Fast Transients Burst‐Power Ports IEC 61000‐4‐4
Fast Transient Burst – Signal Ports IED 61000‐4‐4 2kV
Surges – Power Ports IED 61000‐4‐5
Conducted Immunity, Power Ports IEC 61000-4-6
Pwr Port and Enclosure – Emissions Tests CISPR11 Group 1 Class A

Environmental Compliance Standards

Shock & Vibration, and Bump Test IEC 61373
Operating Temperature IEC 60068‐2‐14
Cooling Test, ‐40 Deg C (96Hrs) IEC 60068‐2‐1
Dry Heat Test, 85 Deb C (96 Hrs) IEC 60068‐2‐2
Damp Heat Test, 25 Deg C t0 57 Deg C (37Hrs) NYCTA Requirement
Flammability, Smoke Emission and Toxicity ASTM E162
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