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Model 524, LED Light Bar

Model 524, LED Light Bar

SKU: 524-A30168Categories: Exterior Lighting, LED Indicators

LED Light Bar provides a horizontal flashing patterns and frequencies of Red LEDs.


Product Details

LED Light Bar is controlled by a Micro-processor Controller and is capable of programmable flashing patterns and frequencies of red LED strings upon entering Geo-fencing area, serving to enhance LRV visibility when operating in mixed traffic, central business district. LED Light Bar is constructed with a heavy-duty aluminum housing and back plate, enclosed with LED boards and driver boards. The LED circuitry is designed with redundant circuits so that in case of a failure, operation and safety will be maintained throughout each run.

Electrical Specifications

Nominal Input Voltage 37.5 VDC
Nominal Input Voltage Range 22 – 42 VDC
No. of Independent Channels 8 LED Channels
Power 34 Watts
Input Protection Reverse Voltage Protection
High / Low Voltage Protection
Spike and Transient Protection
Warranty 5 Years

Photometric Specifications

Wavelength-Dominant 624 nm
Luminous Intensity 200 Cd
Number of LED 120LEDs

Mechanical Specifications

Size 22.50″ X 3.00″ X 1.25″
Connections Connector
Mount Direct Carbody

EMI/EMC Compliance Standards

EMI/EMC 61k Series
Electrostatic Discharge IEC 61000‐4‐2
Radio Frequencies‐Enclosure IEC 61000‐4‐3
Fast Transients Burst‐Power Ports IEC 61000‐4‐4
Fast Transient Burst – Signal Ports IED 61000‐4‐4 2kV
Surges – Power Ports IED 61000‐4‐5
Conducted Immunity, Power Ports IEC 61000-4-6
Pwr Port and Enclosure – Emissions Tests CISPR11 Group 1 Class A

Environmental Compliance Standards

Shock & Vibration, and Bump Test IEC 61373
Operating Temperature IEC 60068‐2‐14
Cooling Test, ‐40 Deg C (96Hrs) IEC 60068‐2‐1
Dry Heat Test, 85 Deb C (96 Hrs) IEC 60068‐2‐2
Damp Heat Test, 25 Deg C t0 57 Deg C (37Hrs) NYCTA Requirement
Flammability, Smoke Emission and Toxicity ASTM E162


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