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Model 328, Wayside 3-Phase Indicator Light

Model 328, Wayside 3-Phase Indicator Light

SKU: 328-A26437Categories: Exterior Lighting, LED Indicators

Wayside three-phase Indicator Light provides signal indications of three phases of AC motors.


Product Details

Wayside three-phase Indicator Light has an advanced wide range power supply capable of operating at both Industry Standards, 37.5 and 74 Volts DC. The Light Indicator circuitry is designed with redundant circuits so that in case
of a failure, operation and safety will be maintained throughout each run.

Electrical Specifications

Nominal Input Voltage 37.5 VDC
Nominal Input Voltage Range 21 ‐ 48 VDC
No. of Independent Channels 4 LED Channels
Power 9 Watts
Input Protection Reverse Voltage Protection
High / Low Voltage Protection
Spike and Transient Protection
Warranty 5 Years

Photometric Specifications

Wavelength – Dominant 470 nm / 591 nm
CRI > 80 Ra
Luminous Intensity 4,800 Lm
Luminous Efficacy 150 Lm/W
Number of LED 28 LEDs
Viewing Angle 30 Deg

Mechanical Specifications

Size 7.500″ X 2.767″ X 2.950″
Connections Terminal Block
Mount Direct Carbody

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