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Model 204, Battery Charger, 37.5VDC, 1.5kw

Model 204, Battery Charger, 37.5VDC, 1.5kw

The Model 204 Battery Charger is for ABB.


Product Details

The Battery Charger comprises three major subassemblies: 1. The Power Subassemply including circuit breakers, SCRs and diode modules, shunt and the main contactor K1. 2. The Control Board that controls and regulates the output by firing the SCRs. 3. The Auxiliary Board that checks the input conditions, it has the temperature sensor circuitry and it controls the main contactor K1.

Battery Charger Specifications

Design Concept Solid State Design, Contactor Load Isolation, Output Over Voltage Protection. If a component fails, the charger will not over charge the battery.
Input Voltage 3 phase, 60 Hz, 41 Vac, 75 A Breaker protected with Aux. Contact for annunciation.
Input Tolerance Voltage: ± 5%; Frequency: ± 1%
Total Power 2.20 kVA
Output Voltage 36.3 Vdc at 77 °F (Temperature compensated), 75 A Breaker protected with Aux. Contact for annunciation.
Current Limit 50 A
Output Ripple 1 Vac (RMS)
Charging Mode Constant Voltage – Current Limit
Load Isolation Main Contactor K1
Display Output Voltage and Output Current, Digital Display Meters.
Fault Relay Fault Relay is on when conditions are normal. When fault conditions occur the Fault Relay drops.
Fault Condition Fault condition occur when:
Input Voltage is high
Phase Missing
Output Voltage is high
Over Temperature on heatsink
10 Hr Current Limit Timer
Battery Discharging
Fault Annunciation If either the input or the output circuit breaker are tripped, or the Fault Relay dropped, the contact will open, and the computer will be notified.
LED Monitors Input Normal
Output Voltage High/Low
Current Limit
Over Temperature on Heatsink
Thermistor Open / Short
10 Hr Current Limit Timer
Battery Discharging
LED Indicators All indicators (except battery discharing) are green/red type LEDs; green is normal condition; red is abnormal condition. All LEDs have test switches to verify proper operation. Battery discharging is red or OFF.
Temperature + 50 °C to -25 °C Ambient
Humidity Relative humidity 30% to 100%
Weight Approx. 80 pounds

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