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Model 204, 36Vdc Contactor

Model 204, 36Vdc Contactor

SKU: 204-A34659Categories: Electronics, LVPS Battery Charger

The 36 Vdc Contactor is for ABB Battery Charger.


Product Details

The Contactor has double interruption in air, electromagnetic control by full power coil, single state functioning.

The Contactor Assembly has mounting plates adaptable to different mounting configurations.

Please refer to Specifications Tab for engineering specification details.

Application Requirements

Number / Type of Poles 1 / NO
Mounting Position Vertical
Control Voltage Rating Uc (DC) [V] 36
Auxiliary Contact Blocks Not Required
Block Type SJ
Arc-chute Material Polyester Resin
Main Contacts Tips Material S6
Arcing Contacts Tips Material
Electric Diagram
Coil Terminals M4 Screw Terminals

Insulation Characteristics

Related Operational Voltage (AC/DC) [V] 900/440
Max Operational Voltage (AC/DC) [V] 1000
Rated Insulation Voltage [V] 1000
Rated Impulse Voltage [kV] 8
Rated Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (50 Hz for 60 s)
Between HV to LV Circuit + Earth [V] 3500
Between Open Contacts [V] 3100
Between Each Pole (if more than 1) [V]
Between LV Circuit and Earth [V] 1500
Minimum Clearance Distance between Open Contacts [mm] 9
Minimum Clearance Distance between Power Circuits to Earth [mm] 8
Minimum Creepage Distance between Power Circuits to Earth  [mm] 12.5
Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) IEC60112 [V] 600

Electrical Characteristics

Conventional Free Air Thermal Current at 40 °C [A] 100
Conventional Free Air Thermal Current at 75 °C [A] 80
DC-Rated Operational Current (τ = 15 ms)
900 V [A] 16
440 V [A] 40
DC-Maximum Breaking Capacity (τ = 5 ms)
900 V [A] 25
440 V [A] 60
AC-Maximum Breaking Capacity (cosφ = 0,8; 50 Hz)
900 V [A] 40
440 V [A] 80
Component Category / Operational Frequency Class A2 / C3
Rated Short Time Withstand Current [kA] 1.5 (for 5 ms)
Critical Current Range [A] DC Reverse Current
Fault Making Capacity [kA] 0.9
Blow Out Circuit Type Permanent Magnet

Reference Standards

Railway applications – Electric equipment for rolling stock

IEC 60077

Railway applications – Fixed installations – DC switchgear

IEC 61992

Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear

IEC 60947

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