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Model 468, FD693 Rate of Change Detector Board

Model 468, FD693 Rate of Change Detector Board

SKU: 468-A28476Categories: Electronics, Wheel Slip Board

The wheel slip panel assembly contains all the wheelslip-slide detection electronics and relays. The major portion of the electronic components is mounted on six plug-in cards. Matrix reverse-engineered the six plug-in cards that meet original engineering specifications.


Product Details

FD693 – Rate of Change Detector Card – This card has four identical inputs and two outputs. The signal at each input is a dc voltage proportional to the axle speed. The card detects any rate of change between inputs.

The cards plug into sockets mounted on the panel base. Connecting pins in each plug are mated such that the circuits on each card are connected through wiring in the panel or other cards and to the connector pins.

Electrical Specifications

Nominal Input Voltage 24VDC/37.5 VDC/74VDC
Nominal Input Voltage Range
  • 18 ‐ 30VDC
  • 20 – 50 VDC
  • 60 – 95 VDC
No. of Independent Channels 7 LED Channels
Power 23 Watts
Input Protection Reverse Voltage Protection
High / Low Voltage Protection
Spike and Transient Protection
Warranty 5 Years

Mechanical Specifications

Size 7.830″ X 7.000″ X 0.940″
Connections Connector
Mount Socket


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